Teach Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu!

Increase your marketability & income potential by teaching Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu at your dojo / dojang / school / academy! Here are the five main reasons savvy martial art school owners become a lifetime Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu instructor licensee:

  1. Adds variety to your curriculum 75247
  2. Enhance your professionalism
  3. Increase your skill sets
  4. Expand your variety of student prospects
  5. Piggy back off the founder’s credibility, experience, and the popularity that comes with being a published author and the systems founder.


As a lifetime instructor licensee, you’ll receive:

  1. The entire FKJ curriculum from white belt through 2nd degree black on downloadable video files. (Over 120 techniques / drills)
  2. Testing sheets for each rank
  3. Personal development worksheets – white belt through 2nd black
  4. A full color – lifetime instructor license & authorization certificate, personally signed by Master Brian K. Allen.
  5. A page on our website with links to your school’s website and/or contact information.
  6. An autographed copy of Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu – Martial Art & Self Preservation System
  7. An autographed copy of Profit Secrets for Martial Art Schools
  8. A custom FKJ logo, with your name (or school name) and your individual licensee number.


The Total Investment In Your Business Is Only $1,850.00 – US Funds

If you’re serious about your business, and ready to move forward, you can pay the fee by using the button below.