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Learn about our Online Dojo / Home Study program, where we’re always accepting new students!

Unfortunately, in-person training slots are currently filled.  We are unable to accept new students, at the moment.

Arizona students only:

(1) Please ensure you’ve read each page of this website so that you understand the nature of the personal training offered.

(2) Please look at your finances to truly ensure you can afford the investment of $100 per session.  For example, if you have me come out once a week… your budget needs to have enough room to handle $400 (minus discounts) per month for your training.

(3) Email me at: CoachAllen@UsKenpoJujitsu.com to confirm availability.

(4) I’ll bring a worksheet / lesson plan for each session that will be yours to keep.  Try to purchase a binder and three-hole punch for your new martial art notes!

(5) Pay your tuition using the links we send via email.

(6) Get ready for one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!