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     Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu is a unique system of Mixed Martial Arts that combines principles & techniques from Military Combatives, American Kenpo Karate… Brazilian Jujitsu… Jeet Kun Do… and more.  It’s a system that focuses mainly on the primal instinctive reactions of human beings followed by scientific principles.  It was founded by Master Brian Allen in 2002 after losing his Instructor and Master, both who perished while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.

    It is a system that “maps” a students path for success so each individual knows exactly what must be done in order to achieve a particular level of achievement.  As simple as it ‘can’ be… it is one of the MOST POWERFUL combat arts… and now IT CAN BE YOURS!


Our rank promotions are accredited. Click HERE for our accreditation letter.  See #2, under ‘Accreditation Granted To’.

Master Brian K. Allen

     Brian K. Allen has been training in the combative arts for over 24 years. In addition to his training, he has worked in the military, executive protection, corrections, and professional security environments his entire adult work life.  Just like many others in those industries… fighting is part of the job when restraining & detaining bad guys is your job.  His calm demeanor and communication skills prevented numerous situations from escalating.  His combatives training came into play when no other options were left.

     Master Allen is the founder of The International Fudoshin Arts Association and is also a member of the International Kenpo Karate Federation and the United States Martial Art Association.

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