Private Martial Arts Training – Gilbert / Mesa – Arizona

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Adult – Kids – Kenpo – Jujitsu – Martial Arts – Self Defense
Learn Directly From The Founder Of The International Fudoshin Arts Association

Are you a good candidate for private martial art instruction… at your home or office?

There are many excellent dojo’s and mixed martial art training facilities in our area.  However, if you prefer a private learning environment and a true journey into the world of martial arts, investing in private instruction is the way to go.

At $100 per session, this isn’t a program for someone ‘testing the water’.  This is for kids and/or adults willing to study the mental and physical aspects of the arts and make them a way of life.

Taught by an instructor who not only has been training in the arts for over 20 years, he has also been in the military, body guarding and professional security industry where he’s been in many fights.  No rules.  No referees. Many weapons.

If you feel you’re qualified to invest the time and money in this journey, click HERE for more info…

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Or, if you’d rather train at home, look at our Online Dojo / Home Study program!