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Learn Directly From The Author Of “Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu” Volumes 1 & 2


ifaa fudoshin kenpo jujitsu course self preservation foundation brian k allen master coach

Step One | No Prerequisites Needed

ifaa fudoshin kenpo jujitsu course month one 12 hours foundation brian k allen master coach

Step Two – Prerequisite = SP Foundations

ifaa fudoshin kenpo jujitsu course grip finger strength brian k allen master coach

Open Enrollment | No Prereq’s

ifaa fudoshin martial arts instructor course foundation brian k allen master coach

Open Enrollment | No Prereq’s

Can A Person Really Learn How To Fight Via Online Classes?

The answer is an emphatic YES.  So much so, that years ago, law enforcement began noticing the use of force by resisting offenders was becoming more skilled. Subsequent investigation revealed that “bad guys” were learning how to fight better by simply WATCHING mixed martial art competitions on TV & PPV.  More subjects were escaping… and more officers were being hurt.

This forced law enforcement to improve their defensive tactics as well as research less-lethal tools. No, a person can’t become a local MMA champion simply by training online… but they sure can learn how to fight & defend themselves from common street violence. More important than fighting, Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu teaches practitioners the most current methods of verbal de-escalation, violent encounter detection & management, and how to improve their mental & physical well-being.

So, there are many excellent dojo’s and mixed martial art training facilities in our area.  However, if you prefer a private learning environment and a true journey into the world of martial arts, investing in private instruction is the way to go. Fudoshin Kenpo Jujitsu is one of the most respected systems being taught.

Online student tuition is $55 per month. (No auto-billing or financial contracts.) This is for kids and/or adults willing to study the mental and physical aspects of the arts and make them a way of life.

Originally created for victims of PTSD who were unable to attend group classes, other people began enrolling – just for different reasons. So, if you:

(1) Don’t like hidden prices or contracts…

(2) Get stressed about being late to class…

(3) Are a wrestler/boxer looking to add to your knowledge…

(4) Are in law enforcement and wanting to learn more methods to handle subjects…

(5) Want to learn a martial art but don’t feel comfortable in groups…

(6) Want to “pay as you go” with no auto-billing…

(7) Want to learn directly from the head instructor and not be assigned to another member just because they are a higher rank…

(8) Are concerned with dirty mats, locker room floors, athlete’s foot, or catching ringworm at the dojo/academy…

… then we may be a great fit for you!

Taught by an instructor who not only has been training in the arts for over 30 years, he has also been in the military, bodyguarding, and professional security industry where he’s been in many fights.  No rules.  No referees. Many weapons.

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